The presentation is powerfully positive and full of great ah-ha moments.
I look forward to using this information to better
all the lives involved at our shelter.
(Jeremy - shelter tech)

It is amazing how quickly your techniques work!
(Andrea - veterinarian)

A wonderful combination of learning, humor, audience interaction, audio-
visual aids and live-dog demonstrations! I have learned so much and enjoyed
it all. The empathetic & energy-based approach is wonderful!
(Betsy - veterinarian)

What I loved the best is the wealth of information.  Also, how funny
and how relaxed Lynne is!
(Toni - CPDT trainer)

Amazing as usual. Makes me want to go back into practice to use all of the tools
you have shared. As a veterinarian, it has always bothered me that the
hospital environment often caused undesirable dog behavior. Your course
should be required for all veterinarians.
(John - veterinarian)

This was my second time attending the conference. I've seen firsthand the
positive results of implementing these principles while grooming and
pet-sitting. Dr. Swanson is entertaining and very knowledgeable.
I highly recommend Learning "DOG"
(Gerri - groomer & pet-sitter)

What a wonderful, fun conference!
(Lynn - rescue volunteer)

"Excellent!  What I liked best is the incredibly humane, "dog-centric"
techniques discussed at this conference."
(Jessica - Humane Society staff)

When I signed up for this conference, much of the reason I did was to
accompany a fellow shelter tech who is interested in becoming a trainer.
Much to my surprise and delight, I have been inspired by the information
Lynne relayed, both about the needs of dogs and about the relationship
between dogs and humans.  You have been so inspiring...
I can tell you already that your conference will benefit
the lives of every dog who walks through our
shelter doors from now on!
(Danie - shelter technician)

"This was amazing!  The material was clear and well-presented.  I am ready to go home and completely change the lives of my pack.  We will become a balanced
pack because I have the tools to make it happen.  Thank you!"
(Angela - Dalmation rescuer)

I liked the realistic, positive approach.
(Karen - rescue volunteer)

"I usually can't wait to leave conferences; thank you soooo much for making this new, fun, interactive and educational.  I can't wait to get home and train my
husband to change my dogs' unsavory behaviors - LOL!!"
(Felicia - LVT)

"Learning "DOG" really opened my eyes to quite a few things I've been doing
as a trainer which are incorrect and honestly counterproductive.  So much that
I've delayed picking up my dogs up by one day after the conference to start
with a new gameplan just from what I've learned."
(Josh - trainer)

"The material was presented very well and Lynne is an excellent and engaging speaker.  There is definitely some great information that I will be able to put
to good use in my home and rescue situations."
(Wayne - Pitbull rescue)

"I loved it... learned SO much!  (Chelsea - boarding facility staff)

"This is the BEST Conference that I've ever been to!  I will come again.  Learning
dog psychology was the best, and I have now more knowledge than before. 
Learning "DOG" events are needed everywhere!  It was AWESOME!  Thanks."
(Tammy - vet technician)

"You all were fantastic. I've already started with fixing up the routine of my
kennel so that it is quieter. Day 4 and I can tell a difference.
(Adam - open admission shelter staff)

I really enjoyed the entire conference. The information given was very clear
and Dr. Swanson is very easy to talk to and doesn't make you feel
stupid for asking "silly" questions. I cannot wait to get home and
apply what I've learned with my personal dog as well as the dogs at work.
(Damien - kennel worker & rescue volunteer)

"This is my first conference/class on dog behavior, and I have learned and
'unlearned' quite a bit.  My favorite parts were learning about non-verbal communication and building a balanced pack.  There wasn't anything I didn't like
(Debbie - rescue volunteer)

"I absolutely love this concept.  In veterinary medicine I've noticed far too
often as late there is way too much emphasis on pharmacology to address
behavioral issues.  I'm hoping to integrate this into not only the practice
where I work but also the rescues I associate and volunteer with."
(Angie - DVM)

"Awesome content.  Very happy with the entire seminar.  Love the old
school/new age combined thoughts without the drama!  
Lynne is an amazing speaker. 
Would definitely attend future events!"
(Debi - Dalmation Rescue)

"Wish I had this conference years ago! I will be coming back."
(Beth - trainer)

"As a veterinarian, I am asked behavior questions all the time and I felt inadequate
to answer, so I referred to trainers. I decided that maybe it was time to learn.
This has been the most interesting and helpful CE I have attended in 24 years.
Thank you Lynne and Safe Harbor Farm!"
(Lysa - veterinarian)

"Great tips on attitude and energy to take back to the rest of my veterinary staff
that I really feel will help make our patients more comfortable and at ease."
(Kate - vet tech)

"OMG! This conference has guided me in the direction that I was desperately
seeking. Thank you so much for dedicating your life to helping these animals
and dedicating your life to help people like me."
(Jessica - vet technician)